The duration of each treatment is tailored to ensure appropriate time and care is always provided. A treatment typically takes between fifteen and thirty minutes.

Treatment Modalities

I use a wide range of treatment modalities including spinal manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work, massage, trigger point therapy, SOT blocking, stretches, Niel-Asher Technique (shoulder defrost), activator and dry needling. With this wide range of modalities available most people’s preferences can be accommodated. I am proud that the caring, comprehensive service provided means people not only return, but are also happy to recommend me to family, friends and colleagues.

Benefits of Care

Early intervention following injury usually results in a faster recovery and along with the advice and exercises given, you are then in a position to minimise further injury.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients with an acute injury achieve favourable results with as little as two to eight treatments. The time span between appointments being gradually increased as you start to respond.

Once your complaint subsides, an occasional ‘MOT’ is advised as a preventative approach; much like regular visits to the dentist. The frequency of these being dependant on factors such as lifestyle, exercise and stress etc. The decision to do so is always down to you.